April 13th, 2009

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Xorg 7.4 in Debian with dvorak and russian i18n keyboard layouts

Я напишу этот птос по англицки, потому что это была проблема, которую я долго не мог решить (если честно, то было лень ковыряться), но её решение оказалось до ужаса простым. А кроме того дважды обидно, что я не смог найти её готового решения в интернетах.

Well, I'll write this entry in english because there was a big problem with my debian box and Xorg kbd (xkb) layouts which I couldn't (really, I was too lazy) solve for a very long time.
Lets start from about a month and half ago then I updated my Eee PC to Debian Unstable with new Xorg (1:7.4-something version). That was sad. My wonderful dvorak and russian (ru) layouts were broken. My lovely CapsLock key wasn't switching between them and in Xorg log file were something about xkbcomp which failed and «xkbcomp errors not fatal». That time I just reverted back to old Xorg version and was happy for a some time.
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