October 18th, 2011

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Нашёл в спаме и обрадовался

Dear Friend,
good day,my name is Pavel Khodorkovsky,son of Mikhail Khodorkovsky the former head of the Yukos oil company.Yukos oil company was once
Russia's largest oil producer.Please I want you to carefully read my letter as it means a lot to not only me but my entire family.I dont
want to waste your precious time neighter mine,but if you feel bad about this you may ignor it.My letter is born out of an emmergency
within my family.My Dad was convicted for Money laundering and tax evasion charges,the trial on money laundering and embezzlement charges
which began in March 2009,then later accused for sponsoring opponent presidential candidate and theft of billion Dollars with his PA Mr.
Platon Lebedev,from the subsidiaries oil Yukos company from 1998 to 2003.Since the begining of this trial my Dad's known wealth has been
taken away and most of his local and international bank accounts confiscated.I am now writing to you about this after my search for a kind
reliable and trusted person to handle this for me,since I cannot do this my self directly.I am contacting you for the unknown cash money
deposited by my father,in dollars some years back with a finance institute (bank)in Italy which no one else but my step mother and I are
aware of,my father revealed this to his wife on her last visit to him in prison as it was deposited in her daughters name for reasons of
security and human factors. The figure in Italy is worth precisely 15.7 Million Euro today.I want to let you know that if this is successfully
done,which I am very positive it will be sucsessful,I will give you more confidential information about some other deposit in switzerland and
the united state,where I am curently living in,on self exile.Please I seek someone who is honestly transparent to help received this money
before the government and persecutors gets to find out.All process will be handled by a legal Attorney so as not to breach laws,acknowledging
the circumstance at hand,I require someone who is proactive and willingness to contact the bank in italy and be in possesion of this said money
in no time soon.I also want to plead with your gods not to reply this letter if you will not be reliable.We want to transfer this whole money
for safe keeping for the use of my immediate family to my account here in the united state of america.
Contact me via my private email:-*censored*, so that we can discuss the other necessary important matters and I will pass all other
informations to you in respect of this deposit in rome.One last and most important thing I will want to make you understand is that my family
needs this money for the our future upkeep and only a reliable and trustworthy individual or organizaton is what we require for this transaction,
close relatives have in the nearest past done away with some of our money of this nature for reasons best know to them,as a result I do not want
such to repeat itself.I will be most delighted to receive your reply to my letter for futher correspondence.I shall give you my personal contact
details for transparency sake as we move forward.
Thank you,Pavel Khodorkovsky.